lunes, mayo 25, 2009

The Gadget Man

The Gadget Man
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Otro rediseño para Whitechapel:

Click Rush, the Gadget Man, was created by Lester Dent and appeared in Crime Busters from 1937 to 1938. Rush was a tall, lean, strong young man with brown hair and eyes. (Brown was his favorite color; he usually dressed all in brown.) Rush was an amateur investigator who invented gadgets towards this end. He'd come to the "big city" with the "notion of selling super-modern, crook-catching gadgets to the police." After the cops laughed him out of the station house he went out on his own.

Well, okay. He was prompted by a talking toad: Bufa, of the species Bufonidae, which feeds on snails, slugs, insects, and such undesirable things.... "(I'm) eager to hire an expert private detective to investigate crimes I think need solving." The toad succeeds in convincing Click to solve crime (the $10,000 fee for each crime helped, too.) but proved to be an only average boss, enjoying giving Click the razz and showing a mean sense of humour.

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