martes, julio 14, 2009

Atomic Man

Atomic Man
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Otro rediseño para Whitechapel:

"Adam Mann is conducting experiments with the radioactive isotope Uranium-235, and is caught in a "weird chemical accident" giving him atomic powers. He uses these powers to covertly fight crime and Communism as Atomic Man. His powers include super strength, flight, and projecting energy blasts from his right hand. To control and neutralize his power, he wears a lead glove over his hand and takes it off when he wants to turn the powers on. "

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Amelia dijo...

Thumbs up!
Prefiro concepts de personagem assim.Parece alguém que poderia existir com poderes que não existiriam. Me amarrei mesmo! :)

Agora seu David CArradine está muito fera. Sentirei a falta dele também. Achei que ele interpretou Bill em Kill Bill de forma brilhante.

Felipe dijo...

Valeu, Amélia!! :)