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International Patents, Inc

International Patents, Inc
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Otro rediseño para Whitechapel. La descripción era:

"Quentin Locke (played by Harry Houdini) was created by Charles Logue and appeared in The Master Mystery (1919). Quentin Locke is a Federal Agent (for the Department of Justice) who takes on the gang known as International Patents, Inc., who are dedicating to stopping social progress and who are led by Q the Automaton, an evil (albeit clunky) robot. (Okay, technically speaking he's a man in a metal suit.) Q the Automaton has on his/its side the Dictagraph, an advanced eavesdropping device, DeLuxe Dora, a femme fatale, and the rare Oriental poison, Dhatura Stramonium, but they're all no match for Quentin Locke, an escape artist extraordinaire and creator of an explosive bullet which puts paid to Q." Además, el grupo también tenía un personaje llamado "The Madagascar Strangler" (abajo, a la derecha).

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