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2000AD 01

2000AD 01
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Otro ejercicio de Warren Ellis:

"So here's the deal:

You are an artist/designer. You have to put together the cover for the first issue of a weekly science-fiction anthology comic called 2000AD.

You don't know much about what's in it. You've been given the following pieces of information to include on the cover somehow:

"featuring the new DAN DARE"

"M.A.C.H. 1 - his incredible hyperpower will amaze you!"



Without the "", obviously. Your choice as to how you use these -- whether you relegate them all to text at the bottom, or choose one to illustrate, or whatever.

The cover must include a logo and the numbering, which you've been told is not the usual "issue one," but "Programme 1."

And that's it."

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Crissant dijo...

Soa futurista e retrô, e eu adoro ambos!
E adoro tmb seu trabalho :)
Nos vemos, mocinho!