domingo, marzo 14, 2010

Amazing Adult Fantasy No. 15

Otro ejercicio para WHITECHAPEL forum.

Dice Warren Ellis:

"So here's the deal:

You are an artist/designer. You have to put together the cover for issue 15 of a comic called AMAZING ADULT FANTASY.

Now, the publisher has decreed that, with #15, the title will become simply AMAZING FANTASY. But, I dunno, you're a drunk, or a drug fiend, or you have seizures or something, and you've totally forgotten about that. AMAZING ADULT FANTASY it is.

Thing is, there's a new character to be introduced on the cover. You remember that instruction. But you lost all the notes and pages -- you used them for bedding or toilet paper, you don't really recall. You know nothing about that character beyond its name, and that it apparently fits in a book called AMAZING ADULT FANTASY (which was once subtitled "The magazine that respects your intelligence").

All you know that is the title is AMAZING ADULT FANTASY, the issue number is 15, and there has to be a character called SPIDER-MAN on the cover somewhere.

And that's it."

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Crissant dijo...

De tao bom que é, me assusta!

Crissant dijo...

Ai, Felipe, falta de vontade de ter um livro nao falta. Pensei em recorrer ao blurb, conhece? Nao sei como funciona direito, nao parece uma má opçao, mas seria um projeto futuro.
Aproveitei que você fez essa observaçao e joguei como forma de pergunta pra vc lá no formspring.
Sempre bom ter sua presença no blog!