jueves, abril 29, 2010

The Missing Man

The Missing Man
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Esta semana la tarea en Whitechapel era diseñar una portada para THE MISSING MAN de Steve Ditko pero sin saber nada del contexto e imaginando que, en vez de ser un comic, TMM era un disco:

"So here's the deal:

You are a very busy artist/designer. You work a lot, you take a lot of drugs, and you have some mental problems that you really dont like discussing with people and you're still a bit ashamed about that time you stabbed that tramp who yelled "Your brain looks like a television that's been fucked by a rhino" outside the coffee shop.

You do covers for books, comics, and CDs, and you get confused easily.

You've been told you have to produce, in one week, a cover for something called THE MISSING MAN by Steve Ditko.

You can't remember what the cover's for. So you decide it's a CD."

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Crissant dijo...

Me llama!
Me gusta portadas de disco con ese estilo.
Excelente, Felipe!

Alberto dijo...


Realmente me gustan los retos que Ellis propone para estos ejercicios y si fuera capaz de dibujar decentemente algo más que stick figures probablemente participaría, pero viendo lo que hacen dibujantes talentosos como tu, ni al caso.