jueves, junio 16, 2011

Wire Babies

Wire Babies by sobreiro
Wire Babies, a photo by sobreiro on Flickr.

Another Wire-related mashup silliness... This time old man Ellis gave us these instructions:

"No, seriously. Some hideous legal loophole in Simon & Burns' contract. Your company has the rights to an animated-series spin-off of THE WIRE. This happens. Remember when there was going to be a BUFFY animated series?

And, you know, it only has to bear the most tangential relationship to the show.

OR it could be as close to the show as you want.

It can be any adaptation, re-imagining, re-genre-ing or...whatever the fuck you want, so long as it looks like it came from THE WIRE, right? So long as people can look at it and somehow trace it back to the original series. Anything you want.

Because you're the one who's been tasked with the initial concept designs.



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